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The  Komanoff Center for Geriatric and Rehabilitative Medicine, located at 375 East Bay Drive, Long Beach, New York, was established in  1974 to meet the community's need for a skilled nursing facility.  Located on the waterfront, the facility's setting provides the perfect therapeutic  environment for helping patients achieve their maximum potential. Interdisciplinary Approach

The Komanoff Center utilizes an interdisciplinary approach to address the  needs of each patient in a comprehensive manner. Our rehabilitation professionals  work closely with each patient and family to develop an individualized care  plan that addresses the patient's medical, functional, social, emotional and  rehabilitative needs. The therapy team - noted for its warmth and compassion  - includes physical and occupational therapists, speech/language pathologists,  rehabilitation nurses, dietitians, social workers, psychologists and recreation  therapists.Special Programs

The Komanoff Center prides itself on the number and variety of programs  offered to patients. Our special programs include orthopedic and neurological  rehabilitation, chronic disease management (e.g., multiple sclerosis, diabetes,  pulmonary disease), post-operative care, wound care, swallowing therapy and  stroke recovery.Continuum of Care

Komanoff Center patients benefit from access to the full continuum of services  offered by Long Beach Medical Center. This includes immediate hospital treatment  in case of medical emergency, as well as referrals, as necessary, to LBMC's  outpatient or home health services once patients are ready to leave the Komanoff  Center.


The Komanoff Center for Geriatric and Rehabilitative Medicine accepts patients  for short or long-term stays. Each person referred for admission is evaluated  based upon their individual care needs and the ability of the Center to meet  those needs. For more information on our admissions process, or for a tour  of the facility, contact the Admissions department at (516) 897-1110.

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